Monday, October 6, 2014

Report Parodinal as color developer

First I only intended to develop C-41 as B&W, using homebrewed Parodinal as B&W developer. The idea was to develop in a normal B&W workflow and finaly to clear the film with an incomplete bleach bath of Povidone Iodine or normal diluted EDTA bleach. I obtained pictures like Pic. 1 when scanned as color film. I started thinking that maybe Parodinal could give color. So, and because I assumed that Paracetamol was a color developer, I used as next a more concentrated solution and temperature of about 40ºC at the development. This time I had pictures like Pic. 2, where I could see clearly some real color.

If a more concentrated developer and temperature brings more color, next time I used 1:5 concentration and temperature and bleach to clear the film base, leaving some silver in order to allow scanning. In fact the amount of dye is not enough to make a complete bleach. I had this time images like Pic. 3. I could conclude that the sky was better than the more shadowed parts.

Next time I used the same film I have been using (Kodacolor 200) but I used it as a 25 ISO film to overexpose the film. And now I had pictures like Pic 4 and 5.

I think it is clear that the more concentrate and the more overexposed the better in order to push the color developed by Parodinal. But I must still leave silver on the film for better scanning. Next step is to prepare a new Parodinal, using more Acetaminophen than usual parodinal has. Insted of 20g, maybe 40g or 50.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

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