Monday, April 28, 2014

My submission to Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Yesterday I took my old Agfa Synchro Box adapted as Pinhole, with a focal lenth of 100 mm and a hole of 0,5 mm f number 200, and exposed a Shangai GP3 120 roll giving about 3 seconds exposition. Some of them were underexposed because I didn't count on shadows and trees. But I've got the best sharpness of all attempts I made before in Pinhole Photography.

And I choosed this photo, entitled «Ghosts on the Bridge» to submit to the contest of the WPPG organization here:

Photo taken on the 27th April in Leiria, Portugal
Notice: I couldn't upload this photo, checked some days after if it was in the gallery, but didn't find it. There was no feedback at all when I uploaded so I tried again with another photo from the same day and the same camera but using expired Fujicolor 100:

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