Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekend is coming

Since almost a week, I didn't shoot with film. This weekend I will expose a roll of 35mm with one of the cameras hunging somewhere in my home. My favorite camera is the Olympus Pen Trip 35 because I always forget adjusting something with the more sofisticated manual cameras.
It is my purpose to try again one of the recipes in order to stablish a standard, like I almost did with Caffcol I. With Caffcol II (split development) it is intended to save CD-4, because the first bath only picks a little developer to the second where it will be oxidized. With the time the second bath will be richer and richer in CD-4 and at a certain point maybe it can serve as only developer, who knows...
Another thing that must be studied is the paper of coffee (or other similar agent), varying proportions and mantaining pH. Well, well, this costs a lot of efforts and money.
But let us enjoy next weekend making good photos during the maintenance walks.

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