Thursday, March 22, 2012

It is time for Caffcol II

I have a lot of work as teacher of electricity now. Before Easter the pupils must be classified according to their knowledge and works done. But I pretend to be free of work during weekend, and return to the two bath color developer that was going pretty well, with fantastic colors revealed by the Epson scanner. And this motivated me to improve my rig to make macros of the negatives witch is working better than ever, using a LED projector.

Caffcol II will consist of a first bath with CD-4 and a second bath in Caffenol with a pH of ca.11, followed by bleach and fixer. Temperature around 25ºC, 5 minutes for the first developer bath and 15 minutes for the 2.nd. The rest as usual, 3 minutes bleach, 7 minutes fixer using a Fuji film, I guess.

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