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Saturday, June 3, 2017

More coffee, please!

Like I promised, I changed the last universal developer recipe like this:

800 ml water
3 g Potassium Metabisulfite
6 g CD4 (color developer for C-41)
30 g Soluble coffee
35 g Potassium Carbonate
1,5 g Potassium Bromide
Water to make 1 Liter

I developed for 12 minutes with constant agitation at room temperature, bleached and fixed. Perhaps I could have done 15 minutes too, the results would not be so different, I think.

Because coffee is acidic I raised slightly the Potassium Carbonate content and I got evidently better negatives and the difference can be appreciated by sight.

One of the 8 photos made with an Agfa Clack and expired Fujicolor Superia 100:


Eulalio Fabie de Silva said...


Thank you very much for this and now that I have found this! :) If I may ask for some clarification on the "agitation" part. Can you kindly clarify the "Constant agitation" part please? Within the 12 minutes, do I do it non-stop?


Henrique Sousa said...

Hi! Thank you for commenting, Eulalio!
Yes, constant agitation is non-stop! That is the worst part, but it is important to avoid grainy pictures. I use to hold the developing tank in one hand and keep it in circular movement all the time. Ok, accidentaly I stop for seconds if I need to switch the TV channel or whatsoever.
You are welcome!

Vladimir Matveev said...

This is all good, but how about the storage of such a developer and how many films can be displayed in the bottom solution

Henrique Sousa said...

I have not tested yet to reuse it until exhaustion. It is a question of time but I hope the Potassium Metabisulfite will keep the solution active for many films. Thanks for commenting.