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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Point and Shoot cameras

It is unbelievable how good a point and shoot film camera is! Some days ago I decided to take one, a Canon Prima Super 135N, 38-135mm, f:3.5-8.9, for a trip to the village of Nazaré. I didn't know it was a camera with date printing, I didn't set it to the actual date. But this means that the camera is more than 20 years old, the date is from 1992.

Sometimes I ask myself if it makes sense to go with a heavy apparatus that takes photos of almost the same quality of a light, full automatic and with built in flash unit that costs about 1 euro at ebay. The only disadvantage is the need of CR2 batteries that are consumed in short time and, if you don't use the camera so often, they will discharge and when you need the camera you have no battery...

OK, we cann't have only advantages...

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