Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sodium Sulfite III

In Photography, like sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfite is very useful. It is used in developers to prevent oxidation,it is used, like already said before to prepare the fixer of sodium thiosulfate boiling a solution of it with sulfur, and it is also a hypo removal.
I already announced that I discovered a seller of sodium sulfite, sold as chlorine neutralizer for pools. Here is the package of 6 kg I received today:
It cost 45 euro with shipping. Came from Spain but there is an importer/seller in Oporto, Portugal. From them I got the stuff:

I do not need to prepare sodium sulfite anymore with sulfurous acid and sodium carbonate. But it is always good to know where you can get what to use in photography.

From now on, I can say that I have almost all essential products for b&w and color photography, without depending on a Photo brand. Well, I need the films of course. I am not thinking of making film myself. Not yet!

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