Friday, February 24, 2012

Color development at 20ºC

Here I am with the results of the experiment of developing color film at 20ºC. It did work, but not fully satisfactorily. Blue and red were reproduced in the positive but not green, I think. Maybe adding a restrainer to the second bath, who knows?

Another thing that might have contributed to this is the fact that I resolved to use the Blix bath of Tetenal instead of my homemade Bleach with Potassium Dichromate and Sulfuric Acid. Besides, this shift to Blue already succeded with Tetenal's kit also for 38ºC and some kind of films. Bleach does not interfere with colors? I don't know yet but seems to have some paper there.

Well, because I am very tired today, I just put some photos from the 12 I shoot today with Agfa Vista 200 in my Olympus Trip 35.

Scanned from negative

Digital macro but not so well done
Scanned from negative

Final note: The yellow borders of the photos in the previous post where, in fact, due to the Bleacher. The middle portion of those photos were better than these ones. Tomorrow I'll be repeating the experiment for 25ºC mean value with the Tetenal's Blix. I think it works very well. But for 20ºC something more has to be added to the second bath, maybe KBr or whatsoever.

Actualization on 13th March 2012

Digital macro photos replaced with scanned ones. They are better than one could think.

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