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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The (im)possible project

Today I decided to start this blog about an alternative process to C41. I always believed that this is possible and I have been studying and searching others experiences in this field in the internet. That one can use cafenol to develop color negative films, is certain, some already tried and succeeded, obtaining monochromatic pictures. I found none that succeeded to obtain color.
But today I am about to declare that with cafenol it is possible to develop color and I decided to call this new process Cafenolcolor.
Before I tell you about my experiences, wich are still not completed, I can show you below one of my first results. It is promising...

PS -I am a non-english writter, sorry for any mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Have done a LOT of C41 in Caffenol, B&W only. I will follow this closely.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Please share some information about what you used to get the results.

Henrique Sousa said...

Please see next post, where I tell about this first experience and the failure of the second. The third is on the way, I took the wrong liquid in the second experiment.