Monday, May 23, 2016

New findings on C-41

I have been using split development for color films with some success but sometimes it fails too. I like very much the idea that we just use a small amount of CD4 in the first bath and get more films developed than one could achieve with a one-bath developer.

Some causes of failure are:
  • The first bath looses strength and leads to underdevelopment
  • Different films need different second baths, different pH
    (Fuji tends for instance to give greenish negatives)
  • Grainy pictures (also because agitation is manual and sometimes we don't agitate enough)
 I am working in an alternative but I still have to test it with at least 2 other films, Kodacolor and Fujicolor normally available today.

By now, I am getting good results with Fujicolor-Eterna-250D, besides a very tolerant film that can even be developed with hair dye as I already showed here while other films give very bad results.

These pictures have a very good color in just automatic scanner settings and a fine grain.
So, as soon as I have more confidence with the alternative to the split developer, I will make a new post. By now, pacience is needed, but the idea is to include in the second bath a certain amount of the first.


Geir said...

Question. Where do you get your supplies of cd4 from?

Henrique Sousa said...

Hi! I buy from here: See preislist in pdf .

Henrique Sousa said...

Product n. 51 of the presilist.