Monday, August 24, 2015

One roll, eight pictures

When using a 6x9 camera, like Agfa Clack, we have to be spared for not repent having spent one shot with nothing interesting. This is totally different when shooting with a digital camera. Recently I erased a card of a digital camera and I realized that in «quality» mode I still had about 1000 pictures to shoot. With so many shots it becomes difficult to choose afterwards what to keep and what is rubbish. And this is the only reason that maybe will limit our shooting digital addiction.

If I know that I have only a few shots, automatically I make a selection of what is worth and what is not much. And this will perhaps play an important role in the results. Of course you may not agree with me, I hope!


Geir said...

What were the recipes you used here?

Henrique Sousa said...

I used a 1-bath developer which recipe is given bellow:

3 g Potassium Metabisulfite
1,2 g Potassium Bromide
5 g CD4
10 g Coffee
25 g Potassium Carbonate
Water to make 1 liter

Bleach and fix, or Blix (I use this) as usual!

Henrique Sousa said...

And 30 minutes, minute agitation and then each 2 minutes ten seconds.

Henrique Sousa said...

At more or less 20ºC .