Sunday, May 10, 2015

Variations on the 2.nd bath of Dignan NFC-41

Keeping the first bath like the original, I tried some variations of the 2.nd bath. I used four variations, from which I give the composition per Liter:

  1. 53g Potassium Carbonate + 1g Potassium Bromide - 30' at R.T.
  2. 53g Potassium Carbonate + 1g Potassium Bromide + 26g Sodium Sulfite + 0,4g Sodium Hydroxide - 30' at R.T.
  3. Parodinal 1:25 - 15 ' at R.T.
  4. Caffenol PC - 30' at R.T.
Without more comments, here are four captures of the same scene using the same first bath but different 2.nd baths:

!.st Variation
2.nd variation
3.rd variation variation
The first variation gives realistic colors but the 2.nd adds warmth, less grain and better definition. The 3.rd variation has high definition but almost no color but still some, may serve for artistic photos. The has no color, it seems that CD4 was completely blocked by the B&W developers. The last two variations were done in conjunction with incomplete bleach in order to keep silver in the emulsion but to clear the filter layers and give transparency.

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