Monday, July 1, 2013

The future, what will be, will be.

I do not understand that transparent film, acetate or polyester, is still the preference of many of us in what «physical and chemical» photography is concerned. A transparent support is not needed anymore... Yes, I know that many voices of film fundamentalists will rise and they will start pointing advantages that only film has and so on, but think practical: I heard that Kodak stopped manufacturing papers and films (correct?), the other classic brands will follow this tendency. It is already difficult to get 120 film at the street, only at internet. Cheap alternatives like Foma and Shangai with many imperfections will serve until... well until some new brand reintroduces PAPER FILM, panchromatic, to be developed like film in tanks but that is much practical to keep and to reproduce with reflective scanners. Can you imagine a roll of 120 thin paper with some 50 pictures for your Holga or Horseman? Yes, it will come some day, nobody really tought about but it would be a very good business. Negative or direct positive paper, but negative can easily be inverted by scanners or softwares.

The advantage of such a change is to preserve the procedures we now have for film and our hobbies discovering new developers and perhaps also toners. Well, I must say, I would be very glad if some brand discovers this «mine» idea and I am sure, they would pay me some royalty when they see the results.

The picture below was made using film, but some of these days I will prepare a roll paper film and try to make the same photo with paper.

Church center

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