Monday, April 8, 2013

Recovering a camera for lomography

I can't reproduce the story of this camera since I bought it at ebay. I don't even know how much it costed. I think it was cheap, I am always looking for bargains. For some reason I had to take the lens out and try to repair something. This something was, perhaps, related to the reload of the shutter. But I came to the conclusion that it was not possible for me to repair it and besides a small special spring that cares about the Iris diafragm to keep closed or opened was missing or felt down as I took the lens out. I still had it working with its lens but not always. Other features like light meter or range finder where also not working. The camera stood there until...

Travesti camera

...I bought at ebay a Vario shutter for an Adox Golf 63 camera. But looking the same it wasn't, the screws for the lenses were different. But, because of the same mechanical construction of the shutter I could use the spring to repair the old shutter on the Adox. For my surprise, the new shutter could work almost well, I say almost because the speed is only one, the fastest, or in B position. And this shutter served very well the Konika body lying around. I needed only a lens for the resulting focal lenght and I had a working camera. I looked in my box of lenses and I could find a very lomographic lens but giving more or less focused images at the center. And I decided to experiment...

Bar at the beach

Portuguese fishing boat

Sunset at the beach

Surfing waves

Like a desert

Empty beach

Bridge to the beach

Collecting shells

A view to the housing at beach

'Zoom effect' of the lens

Seaguls to the waves

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