Friday, February 22, 2013

Building a rig to make macros of slides or negatives

One of the problems with the scanners is the time you need to scan a single picture, even at low resolution. The digital camera, a not so bad one like my Sony A290, is able to reproduce slides and negatives with acceptable quality and very quick. Yes, I know, there are a kind of tubes with a macro lens for that, but I wanted more control on the process. So, I made the rig below:

The rig to reproduce slides and negatives
On the right side you may see the scanner Epson V500 used to reproduce the slide below. It is more sharp than the one made with the rig, but that could be my fault. The scanned build took quite a long time to scan at 1200 dpi. The camera made the reproduction in a fraction of second and the image is similar to a 2400 dpi with the sacanner. The colors are better and durst was more filtered than with the scanner.

Scanned with Epson V500
Macro made with a Sony A290
Finally, the rig was made up from a standard cheap slide rule bought at ebay and some pieces of iron and wood and screws. The backlight is from a led array for photography.

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