Saturday, October 13, 2012

Colored B&W photos

If you scan a black and white negative in color mode, you will probably get a colored monochromatic image, the color will depend on the scanner settings. I got directly the image number 4 which was enhanced a little with Photoscape, increasing luminosity. Image number one was produced inverting pic. 4 and reinverted after aplying sepia to the negative image. Picture number 2 was a superimposition of 1 and 4 as layers in GIMP and finaly picture 3 was obtained from 4 filtering the reddish-yellowish spectrum with Photoscape.

Picture 1 is the cold version, picture 4 is the warm version and the others are in between. Personally I prefer picture number 2. Make your choice!

From a B&W negative

The original negative is a set of 60 photos made with an unperforated 35mm film in a Holga 120GN. This film was developed in a 2-bath developer of Parodinal+Vit.C and fixed with sodium chloride (table salt).

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