Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hair dye as developer II

After some disasters with hair dye and a recipe I was experimenting, I putted the hair dye in stand-by. Recently I decide to make further experiments and the first thing I did was to test if hair dye is a B&W developer. The answer was clear, I could develop a B&W film with it adding Sodium Hydroxide to the hair dye and water of course.

After that, I started with color film! The first results were very strange, I was getting a positive image instead of negative. People listening and assisting to my posts in Flickr suggest the fixer may be exhausted and that can give solarization and semi-reversal and what I am getting is just a bad developed C-41 film. So, the next I will prepare a new fixer and use it to see, maybe tomorrow. This fixer I am using is not that old but it is for sure contaminated because between developer and fixer I just rinse 3 times but some developer is still on film.

The entire 36 exp. film in one scan reflexive
First from left in the lowest row

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